Medical Staffing Solutions


Few times before has the importance of healthcare talent been more evident. In today’s new normal, doctors and nurses are hard to find, no matter where your organization is located. At Affinity Recruiting, we know you can’t afford to watch your open positions remain unfilled.

Our medical recruiting team partners closely with you and brings you to the front of the line for top doctors and nurses looking for new opportunities. With your openings in hand, we survey our robust networks and match them with best-fit candidates equipped to deliver value year after year.


Each member of our medical staffing team wields years of experience both pre- and post-COVID. We’ve seen how the industry has changed, and we know what today’s jobseeker needs in order to make a move.

When talent is short, networks rule the day. Affinity maintains a substantial database of proven doctors and nurses in a variety of specialties.

We’re not interested in just filling your open roles. We’ll help you curate your compensation and benefits offerings, so you’re set for years to come—your success is why we’re in this business.

Roles We Fill


A registered nurse has graduated from an accredited nursing program and earned licensure. May serve in a variety of medical or community settings.


A licensed practical nurse has completed coursework and clinical hours, but less so than an RN. LPNs work under the supervision of a physician or RN.


A certified registered nurse anesthetist has achieved RN status, in addition to 7+ years of additional training and education. The CRNA administers anesthesia.

Medical Doctor (MD)

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Doctor of Osteopathy

A (DO) Doctor of Osteopathy is more likely to be a primary care physician, while MDs are typically more focused on specialized areas.

nurse practitioner (NP)

Nurse Practitioners are RNs who earn an additional Master’s degree, and have more autonomy than RNs.


Bradley Hamner
Business Growth Curator

I’ve seen the best and worst with recruiting companies, and the gold standard in my mind is Affinity Recruiting. In any business, its success is built on the backs of the people within the organization, and Rob has some of the best and brightest in the industry. I’m happy to speak with anyone directly if they are considering a partner in their firm’s recruiting efforts. Highly recommend!

Brent Emmons
Project Manager

I highly recommend Rob and his team, easy to work with and highly effective. Flexible structure and willing to work with your hiring needs. Great team with proven results!

Marc Verhage
TriVector Services

Affinity does great work in finding qualified candidates in such a tight job market for engineers. I personally know the leadership of this company and they are the real deal. I highly recommend Affinity as key support in your corporate recruiting!

Other Practice Areas

No matter what industry you’re in or what type of talent you need, our proven processes enable us to deliver you qualified candidates within a one-week time frame.

UI/UX Developer, Computer Programmer, Fullstack Software Developer, Sr. Software Developer, Back-End Engineer, and more.
Head of School, Faculty, Advancement Director, Athletic Director, Chief Financial Officer, Academic Dean, Marketing Director, Senior Pastor, and more.
Logistics & Industrial
CDL Driver, Quality Engineer, Operator, Process Engineer, Controller, Cost Accountant, Production Supervisor, and more.
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