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The quality of your sales team holds incredible sway over the growth of your organization. After committing the resources to make a high-impact sales hire, the last thing you can afford is to hire a job hopper or an unmanageable ego that erodes your team’s morale and company culture. We’ve seen it happen before.

At Affinity Recruiting, our seasoned sales recruiting experts empower you to hire elite sales professionals with a blend of exceptional communication and organizational skills. We know you need talented salespeople committed to your long-term success occupying your positions—that’s who we find for you.


Our recruiters have been around the block. We can separate the opportunist from the team player who provides value for years and years. With us, you’ll hire the latter.

We invest heavily in cutting-edge recruiting tools that help us curate a network of proven, talented sales candidates. The best talent in the market isn’t always on the market—you’ll be choosing from a short list of stars.

The only reason we’re here is because we view your success as our own. We will always value the relationship we have with our partners and prioritize the business results we deliver for you above any transaction.

Roles We Fill


Also known as SDR, DGR or Inside Sales Rep, this person is on the front lines of the sales effort. They engage in cold outreach, track inbound and outbound leads, and schedule sales calls for Account Executives or others.


Also known as Outside Sales Rep or Account Manager, this person is responsible for closing deals and driving revenue. In smaller organizations, this person may also be responsible for lead generation and inside sales activities.


Ironically, this title is often used to describe high-level individual contributor sales roles. While a Director of BD may not have direct reports, he or she usually commands a base salary between $100,000 and $200,000, in addition to a strong commission structure.


Also known as CRO or Sales Manager, this person leads, motivates and coordinates the efforts of a sales team for maximum success and revenue generation.


Bradley Hamner
Business Growth Curator

I’ve seen the best and worst with recruiting companies, and the gold standard in my mind is Affinity Recruiting. In any business, its success is built on the backs of the people within the organization, and Rob has some of the best and brightest in the industry. I’m happy to speak with anyone directly if they are considering a partner in their firm’s recruiting efforts. Highly recommend!

Brent Emmons
Project Manager

I highly recommend Rob and his team, easy to work with and highly effective. Flexible structure and willing to work with your hiring needs. Great team with proven results!

Marc Verhage
TriVector Services

Affinity does great work in finding qualified candidates in such a tight job market for engineers. I personally know the leadership of this company and they are the real deal. I highly recommend Affinity as key support in your corporate recruiting!

Other Practice Areas

No matter what industry you’re in or what type of talent you need, our proven processes enable us to deliver you qualified candidates within a one-week time frame.

Nurse Practitioner, RN, LPN, CNA, MD (all varieties), and more.
UI/UX Developer, Computer Programmer, Fullstack Software Developer, Sr. Software Developer, Back-End Engineer, and more.
Head of School, Faculty, Advancement Director, Athletic Director, Chief Financial Officer, Academic Dean, Marketing Director, Senior Pastor, and more.
Logistics & Industrial
CDL Driver, Quality Engineer, Operator, Process Engineer, Controller, Cost Accountant, Production Supervisor, and more.
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