collegiate compliance

With 45+ years experience in collegiate athletics, our team is your trusted source for collegiate compliance training! Our easy to use, comprehensive collegiate compliance training program is affordable and portable. You can download the Affinity Compliance app from the Android and Apple markets and take your compliance training with you on the go and complete your training anywhere! Our program is so convenient to access for every person in your athletic department, it really is “Compliance Made Easy!”

division transitions

Affinity Collegiate Consulting will assist your institution in making your transition successful.  We walk with you through the initial application and strategic planning process.  Your compliance office is prepared for the compliance review by working through current policy, procedures, and compliance manual.  Affinity assists with:

  • Annual reports
  • Updates to the strategic plan
  • Preparation for the NCAA self-study
  • Review current budgets, staffing, and facilities to prepare for future projections and budget proforma

Other areas that will be reviewed include, but not limited to, competition scheduling, scholarship structure, and external fundraising.  The transition is truly an institutional transition and cooperation between academics and athletics is vital.  Insight on how to merge the two areas will also be provided.

additional services

Employee search

Whether you are looking for an administrator or a coach, Affinity Collegiate has a wealth of experience finding the best candidates for your culture.  With our proven 3D process, we will discover your unique culture, define who your perfect candidate would be, and deliver impact candidates who will advance your mission!

capital campaigns

Affinity can assist you in achieving your financial goals.  Our proven strategic planning processes have helped our clients raise millions of dollars by aligning campaigns to strategic growth and financial plans.  Our proven fundraising specialists come alongside you to assist with the entire fundraising process.  From creation to training to full execution, we work alongside you to assure the success of your campaign! 

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