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Rob Murphy, Founder of Affinity

452+ jobs filled for 81+ companies in 36 states

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craft a top 1% resume

I’ve read over 10,000 resumes. Want to get into the Top 100? Here’s how.
  • 4 Pillars of Resume Momentum
  • America’s Top 4 Resume Mistakes (and how to reverse them)
  • Resume Myth-Busting

Market Yourself Like A pro

  • Network Smarter (And Harder)
  • Strengthen Your Elevator Pitch
  • Inside The Hiring Manager’s Brain
  • Increase Your Morale While Hunting (what actually works)
  • Applications: Deeper, Not Wider
  • Be a Top 1% Follow-Up Person

the top 1% job search package

  • What would it be worth… to land a job one month faster?
  • Both files for less than a pair of new tennis shoes
  • Don’t be the next person who tells me “I spent $500 on a resume rewrite, but haven’t gotten any traction yet.”

What People are Saying

“I applied some of your feedback and man, the¬†results are there. I’m getting a lot of opportunities. I have interviews set up for this week and next week, and they all are very impressed so far.”
“Sharing the good juju: your method got me a call back within an hour, an interview within the same day, and now they’ve already scheduled me for round 2 on Monday. Just sharing my gratitude. Thank you Rob!”
“It feels like a miracle. I am very grateful to you.”
“I just wanted to extend my deepest gratitude… I am thrilled to have accepted an offer and I owe a big thanks to you Rob for helping to make it happen!”

The 1% Library isn’t the boilerplate, cliche advice you’ll find on Google.

These files will change your career.

If they don’t, send me a message on LinkedIn. I’ll refund 100% of what you paid.

Offload your hiring burden to the experts. Find your next top performer today.
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